Donella Martignago

Donella Martignago, writer, lives in Visnadello, Veneto, Italy. In 1992, she made her debut with the collection of poems Brandelli di luce (Shreds of light), awarded at the National Competition "City of Pompeii" and as an author for children, in 1993, with the novel La valle dell'eco (The echo's valley), repeatedly reported and winner of the National Literary Prize "Cesare Pavese - Mario Gori".
With the novel Domani il sole sorgerà (Tomorrow the sun will rise), in 1997 she was awarded the Diploma of Honor on the occasion of the International Literary Award "Homage to Hemingway".
As the author of musical lyrics, she was ranked third in the "Triennial Maiella Competition" in the province of L'Aquila, while one of her songs won the "Interregional Prize for Emerging Groups", held in Veneto.
Among his latest titles, there is the self-published anthology Tutti giù per terra: Terremoto 2016-2017 (All down to earth: Earthquake 2016-2017), with the forewords edited by the mayors of the territories extended from Amatrice to Norcia, affected by the earthquake.